David Hoyle signs an album deal

Over the past 15 month’s, David Hoyle has been quietly working on an incredibly moving and at times disturbing album to be titled ”The Great Cleansing”. Demoing began late in the summer of 2013 and progressed into the early stages of 2014. The debut single ”Let Go & Move On” is a reflective but infectiously listenable ambient dance track. It will be out on iTunes on the 27th.12.14,

with the full album, coming out early in the new year.

Artwork By Lee Baxter

Artwork By Lee Baxter

Forbidden Planet Join Eromeda Records

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our first Vinyl single by new Ambient Dance due Forbidden Planet. The duo consist of well known music producer Christophe Bride, and talented graphic designer and musician James Reed. The single was recorded mostly using 70s synths and the results are fantastic to say the least.

The 12″ single backed by a remix by dance legend Zed Bias. is out on Monday (8th) and will only be available at Vinyl Exchange in Manchester. After this initial release the single will then be placed on all major download sites.

forbidden planet sticker copy

Robbie Conway Risking Everything Short Film

Robbie Conway who is best known for his long term role in hit TV show ‘Shameless’ has penned his first short film titled ‘Risking Everything’ the film deals with the perils of unprotected sex.

Robbie Conway … “There’s been a big rise in the amount of straight people having one night stands and contracting aids so I wanted to make something that looks at that subject in an honest way”


Robbie is also set to play ”Terry” a wild street thug in the upcoming and highly anticipated Manchester crime film

‘A New York Story’ which Robbie described as ”hard hitting stuff”.

To keep updated on what Robbie Conway is doing check out his website at


Ryan Jarvis Live @ SoundControl Dogs Home Benefit Gig

Eromeda recording artist Ryan Jarvis was kindly asked to be part of what was a wonderful evening of music at Manchester’s Soundcontrol venue. The dogs home fire sadly casused the loss of some 60 dogs lives and the damage to the home has been extensive. The animals are being re-homed and all the money raised will go into helping re-build and re-home the suriving dogs. Here’s some pictures of Ryan in action, many thanks to photographer Andy Carson for these photos.