Filming Continues on ‘A Kind Of Existence’


Filming continues on the forth coming documentary about cult Manchester band

Gabrielles Wish. So far we’ve interviewed lots of people for the project including

Cliff Ogier (Ex Northside) Alan Wise (Legendary Music Promoter) Yves Altana (Producer)

Peter Hook (Joy Division / New Order / The Light) and many many more.

The movie will take the viewer on a journey from the late 80s streets of East Manchester into the heart of Manchester and beyond.

(Pic Below by Tim Pritchard) ED* This is NOT the DVD cover for this Documentary


We’ll keep you up dated as we continue to film but here are some photo’s in the meantime ;

Steve Paice (Former Gabrielles Wish Drummer now an Actor)



Gareth ‘The Neck’ Roberts (Roadie and Party Guy)



Yves Altana (Music Producer and Musician with Wonky Alice and The Chameleons)



Tim Walsh Sr (Owner and Operator of Butterfly Music and a Manchester Music Guru)



David Barclay Co Founder of Eromeda Records and Peter Hook



To keep tabs on the development of this film please keep an eye on its IMDB page


Also, keep undated about the release date for the first Gabrielles Wish album release in 6 years as the band prepare to release ‘Hypnagogic‘,




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