Latest of trio of albums from JBJ

Joshua Ben Joseph has recorded another album at Butterly Records

[Released via Eromeda Records] with cult mancunian musician/producer Robert Paul Corless.

Recorded several years after he recorded his first EP ‘Brain & Ten Fingers’ Joshua returned with his first long player, the epic sounding ‘The Slums Of Wonderland’ in 2011.

It was his first album working with Robert Paul Corless [pictured below]


[Photograph By Raymond Boyle]

The duo then recorded ‘North Of The Northern Quarter’ which was released late last year, and again, adored and cherished by a small but growing number of music fans and bands who admire Joshuas music and his often contentious lyrics. The new album’s title is thought to be ‘Tomorrow Is Over’  (unless JBJ changes his mind) and sounds brilliant. A release date is coming in a few weeks and  If Joshua decides to do a single and video release we’ll keep you posted.


[Photograph by Mark Kennedy]


If you imagine Smog, Roy Harper and Leonard Cohen’s more comically dark songs all rolled into one then you’ll be someplace nearer understanding where Josuha Ben Joseph’s music is at. But the best way to answer that is listen and decide for yourself.

Here’s a playlist by Eromeda Records with just a few of the tracks we think you NEED to hear [we actually think you need to hear them all but this is a great place to start]

Plus for Facebooker users Joshua’s official page

[maintained by his management and label]

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