Exclusive none album single + Volume Five

Robert Paul Corless has been busy to say the least. His next release, coming after the well received Volume Four album, is a none album single called Bre Head, with ‘Wicklow’ as B Side, a 16 minute opus. Here’s the video (filmed on location in Bre Head) produced by filmmaker Raymond Boyle.

That’s released Monday 28th and in the same week, April 1st sees the release of Volume Five. Robert’s fifth album is much different in sound than his previous albums, being that most of the album is guitar driven, although Robert’s latest work still retains the fragmented experimentalism that has become something of a signature sound, but it certainly sound’s closer to Throbbing Gristle than Brian Eno.

Bre' Head

Below is the info on Volume Five



01 – The Septem Montibus (3.09 mins)

02 – I Was Staring At It When It Vanished (15.03 mins)

03 – Just In Passing (17.54 mins)

04 – Pushing And Pushed Toward The Night (12.10 mins)

05 – End Quote (2.57 mins)


On Aprill 11th Joshua Ben Joseph releases his first ever iTunes single.
“Lowlife Rules”, from the forthcoming album of the same name, is backed by a track called “Voice Mail”. (single cover below)


The new album ‘Lowlife Rules” will
be out on the 18th April. (album cover below)


The new album track listing is;

01 – Elsewhere

02 – In The Gutter Looking Down

03 – Cradle With Baby Decaying

04 – Death By Hallucination

05 – The Rain On The Graves

06 – When Everyone Is Well Again

07 – Lowlife Rules

08 – The Girl In Golden Rag’s

09 – Scent And Melody

10 – No Time Has Passed

The album was recorded and mixed by Robert Corless at Butterfly Music Co.

The album mastering by Paul Dolby at the New Sound Rooms

Joshua Ben Joseph Returns

Eromeda Recording artist Joshua Ben Joseph has recorded TWO more studio albums following his well recieved 2015 release, ‘North Of The Northern Quarter’.


The first of these studio albums will be released on April 18th and is yet untitled.

It’ll be out a week after a single from the new album, “LowLife Rules” is released across all the most popular download and streaming sites.

There’s no agreed release date for the second studio album, also recorded this year.

Eromeda Records Dave Adams

“Both album’s are very different in tone. They are both brilliant and contain some of Joshua’s best song’s to date”

Both albums were again recorded at Butterfly Fly Music Co. in central Manchester and were produced by Robert Corless, and mastered by producer and composer Paul Dolby.

If you haven’t heard Joshua’s music then have a listen to these


When Everyone Is Well Again

Moan To The Moon