Introducing….Cyborg Recordings


Cyborg Recordings is a multi-genre label specializing in all forms of electronic music. Eromeda chats with Vibe Aeon the man behind the label, based in Santa Cruz, California.

Eromeda – Firstly thanks for chatting with us Vibe how are things going right now in California?

Vibe -Out here in Santa Cruz, CA the surf is nice, everything is within walking distance, and musicians are regularly coming through town to play shows. I go surfing and skateboarding at least once a week. Musically we have a strong talent base of electronic music artists all throughout Santa Cruz, as well as tons of surfers and skaters!

Eromeda – When did you set the label up and what were your aims when you embarked on running the label?

Vibe -The label was setup around 2006 and its purpose has always been to help upcoming artists get heard through distribution to the best digital platforms such as Beatport, and Juno. Our aims are to help musicians focus on the music, and less on the business side of music. We are setup as a non-profit and pay back 100% of what is made directly back to our artists. We don’t function like a normal record label that tries to make money off the artist, we function as a label that helps support, develop, and nurture artists. Thus, we offer free mixing, mastering, cover art, and distribution on Cyborg Recordings. We also allow our artists to keep 100% of their publishing rights.

Eromeda – Your label has a large roster of quality electronic orientated acts. What do you look for when committing to distributing new artists?

Vibe – We look for originality, progressiveness and amazing musical content. We aren’t into trends or popularity; we focus on where we think the artist is headed, and how they will be developing the scene and affecting electronic music long term. In other words, were looking for pioneers, not copycats. We realize cookie-cutter music will not be listened to 20 years from now. We’re in this for the long haul and we support artists who are experimental, and cutting edge that are creating trends, not following them.

Eromeda – You use social media and sound-cloud as your main landing sites online, have you any plans to set up a dedicated official website or are you purposely focusing on Facebook & Sound-cloud and if so, why’s that?

Vibe – We have had a few websites over the years. We feel the cost and time involved in maintaining and updating a website is not worth it for us, especially as social media, and digital distribution makes music accessible anytime anywhere. We do feel it is wise to invest in social media promotion, physical distribution, and touring. In other words, we choose an active approach for our artist with real tangible dividends, verses making yet another website.

 Eromeda – Here in the UK the electronic scene is bigger than ever, how are you finding the reception of the music you’re releasing?

Vibe – We are happy with the audience base we are reaching around the world, and are moving into focusing on getting our music heard via T.V., film, and sync placements.

 Eromeda – Your info on the Facebook page says you provide opportunities for acts to get their music placed onto TV and onto Movie soundtracks, what success have you had in that area?

Vibe – We distribute all material that is released to databases that large networks such as HBO, FOX and Showtime can search to pay artists to licence their music. By the end of next year we are moving toward a large direct marketing campaign to get our artists music placed for regular use.

 Eromeda – Having listened to your labels roster I can attest to the high standard of music that can be found on Cyborg Recordings, you must be proud of what you’ve achieved so far?

Vibe – We are very proud of our artist roster. We hope to be real pioneers in the music scene for many years to come. Everyone on the label is so talented, humble, and creative. It’s just exciting to be a part of this and we have had over 20 releases in less than 1 year so far. We expect great things to happen in the future for our artists.

 Eromeda – And now Vibe, a question for you personally, what music did you love growing up?

Vibe – My parents used to play me country music in my crib when I was a baby, and my mom played organ and my dad sung in the choir. I liked R&B a lot when I was in elementary school, and I got into drum n’ bass and happy hard-core in middle school. In high school I listen to tons of hip-hop, rock, pop, and electronica. Nowadays my favourite genres are tech house, juke, techno, drum n’ bass, garage and jazz. I really love jazz because I studied it in college and played in 3-4 major jazz ensembles. I also studied classical music for 4 years as well and have a B.A. in music. So the short answer is I basically love all types of music and have direct experience with most of them, why limit yourself when there is such great music in every genre.

Eromeda – For those new to electronic music, how would you best describe what Cyborg Recordings has to offer the listener?

Vibe – We offer new and exciting music in all genres and strive to keep you as a long-term listener. We offer a gateway into progressive future sounds, by heading in the most exciting directions to keep you hooked. We offer access to artists you would not hear by any other means, and offer a private look into the creative minds of those striving to create new genres and musical outlooks. In other words, you won’t find what you hear on Cyborg Recordings anywhere else!

Eromeda – Finally Vibe, what releases do you have in store for the rest of 2016?

Vibe – We have an exciting compilation coming out soon that will feature the best of our last 20 releases that will be pressed to vinyl and CD. Forthcoming we have 2 rock singles, 2 new future bass and drum n’ bass singles, 2 new techno singles, and an assortment of remixes being worked on by our remix crew. This year I want to include more garage and grime on our label. Expect the unexpected from us!

Eromeda thank’s Vibe of Cyborg Recordings for his time.

Check the labels Facebook page here;


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