Opium Kitchen Kelvin Knight Tribute Release 26.09.2016

Opium Kitchen, led by charismatic front-man Robert King will be releasing a new CD and download later this month. The release is called “We Will Be Expanded Edition” and feature’s a previously unreleased demo plus previously unheard versions of the 2014 single “We Will Be” and it’s B Side “Hommagination”.


Opium Kitchen

The release comes a year after the passing of the bands manager Kelvin Knight and will be dedicated to his memory. The download version will be out first on the 26th September and around a month later a limited edition CD will be released.


01 – We Will Be (First Mix)

02 – Hommagination (Instrumental Mix #1)

03 – We Will Be (Timmy Walsh Guitar Version)

04 – Hommagination (Instrumental Mix #2)

05 – We Will Be (Goth Mix)

06 – We Will Be (Original Butterfly Studios Mix)

07 – Hommagination (Outtake #3)

08 – Opium Kitchen (Paul Dobly Mastered Demo)

09 – Hommagination (2014 Released Version)

10 – We Will Be (2014 Released Version)

An update soon on the actual date of the CD release.

Dedicated to former Delata 5 drummer, A&R man, Band Manager and dear friend of Eromeda Records Kelvin Knight.




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