Big Unit ‘Falling’ Single

Big Unit will be releasing the new single ‘Falling’ in January with Eromeda Records.


Big Unit are a new Manchester band, originating from 808 States’ Darren Partington, playing ‘Acid Rock’, a Mancunian mongrel of Acid House and Rock n’Roll.

Big Unit have appeared at selected live shows and support slots for The Happy Mondays and The Fall.
Big Unit are Darren Partington / vocals (808 State), Ben Knott /Keys /Programming, Ian wild / guitar ,Steve Roufie / perc vibes.and Phil Beckett /drums.


The band are planning a selection of Festival gigs in the summer of 2017.

New material may be coming in the form of a batch of vinyl and CD EPs in support of the festival shows and headline gigs in the latter half of next year.

Eromeda are extremely proud to be working with Big Unit so keep an eye out for more info and the single release date.

You can find the band’s official site at

The Big Unit Facebook page is at;

To find the band on Twitter it’s

And the band’s instagram page is;



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