Thank you for your support in 2016

Everyone at Eromeda Enertainment (including Eromeda Films & Eromeda Records) thanks you warmly for all your support this year. The label has released over ten album’s and various singles by Cult solo artist Robert Paul Corless (pictured below).


Eromeda Record’s also re-recorded & released the charity single ‘Lost Weekend’ by Cosmic Daisy for a one off single and reunion show.

2Mancunian cult band Gabrielles Wish released an EP CD, their first physical release in years in the form of the diversely enjoyable ‘Debunking The Myth Of Being A Slave’


Whilst the film side of Eromeda Entertainment, Eromeda Films, finally after many re-edit requests finalized the feature length documentary about Gabrielles Wish featuring contributions from Peter Hook, John Cooper Clarke, John Robb, Robert King, Cliff Ogier, and many other respected music industry legends including the sadly passed Alan Wise. The film will be coming out on DVD in 2017 after a short run in a small number of select Cinema theatres across the UK.


Eromeda Film’s also ploughed on with the troubled A New York Story production with a rebranding and new script, the film is due to come out of stall very soon.

Meanwhile, back on the musical front Eromeda Records released two brilliant albums by the unique and highly esteemed songwriter Joshusa Ben Joseph with ‘Lowlife Rules’ and ‘Outcast Solitary’ repectively.



We also released the ‘Opium Kitchen ‘We Will Be’ Special Edition album made up of alternative versions and outtakes of the bands single ‘We Will Be’, in memory of the band’s manager, and close friend to the label, the much loved and much missed Kelvin Knight (pictured below) who sadly passed away shortly before the Christmas of 2015.


Eromeda Records also began working with exciting newly signed rock band ‘Kalian’ who are due to record their debut single for Eromeda…


 As well as the genius Dave Clarke, who will also be releasing his debut single in the new year with a follow up single planned for a few months afterwards.


Additionally, former 808 State frontman Darren Partington’s new band ‘Big Unit’ joined Eromeda and we look forward to bringing you singles and EPs from them throught 2017.


In addition to this, Eromeda Record’s are handling the UK CD distribution of the Beefheart Jnr album pictured below.


The label are in talks with THREE more bands and hope to sign them in 2017.

Eromeda Films as well as continuing to work toward bringing you Atlantic Divide (formerly titled ‘A New York Story’) are set to begin work on a new arthouse documentary on Robert Paul Corless, as well as teaming up with Eye And Eye Productions to bring you as yet unannounced films and documentaries.

We hope you enjoyed our output in 2016, we’re stepping things up on all front’s for next year.

Have a Happy New Year, we’ll see you all in 2017!!!



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