R.I.P Robert Gretton 15.01.53 15.05.99

Eromeda Records has had a proud alliance with Manchester band Gabrielles Wish since 2007. The group were first signed by unsung Manchester music legend Rob Gretton who passed away on the 15th May 1999. So today we celebrate his anniversary and share with you the music that Rob Gretton released by one of the final bands he signed to Manchester Records, Gabrielles Wish.

Gabrielles Wish Debut EP (MANC 2 – 1996)
Gabrielles Wish EP by Gabrielles Wish

Gabrielles Wish ‘Golded Up EP’ (MANC 5 – 1996)
Golded Up EP by Gabrielles Wish

Gabrielles Wish ‘Processed’ (MANC 10 – Scheduled 1999)
Processed (Album) by Gabrielles Wish

Robert Gretton


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