Manchester music legend ‘Dermo’ (who fronted Factory Records band ‘Northside’) as well as other groups over the years including the band he currently sings for ‘Time For Action’ released his debut solo album to a favourable reaction coming after his debut solo single ‘Vultures’ had reminded the music scene just what he was capable of.


Eromeda Records have been busy filming a promotional video for ‘Ups & Downs’, a scathing tune in which Dermo verbally lay’s waste to all those whom seek to bring you down with lies and deception. Parts of the video have been shot in Wales, with a few more scenes left to do here in Manchester.

When finished the video will first appear on which is the page dedicated to all of Dermo’s solo material. There are plans for Dermo to take his solo music out on a short tour with physical copies of his debut album for sale at shows, in the mean time catch Dermo gigging various Festivals and venues with ‘Time For Action’ this July.



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