The Psychiatrist Returns

The Psychiatrist, originally filmed & completed a little while back has been completely re-written and will be re-shot and is set to star the enigmatic actor Nathan Head who has made his mark particularly in the horror genre. The psychological thriller is in the process of casting and further news, as it appears, will be posted here.  


Look out for more information on the production on the Film’s Official Facebook

Tribute to Tim Walsh

On Tuesday the 20th August Northside broke the sad news that their friend and guitarist Timmy Walsh had passed away. In a moving tribute posted to the band’s Twitter and Facebook pages the group wrote;

‘”It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this as we are all still in shock, but our brother, friend, guitarist and inspiration Tim Walsh, has passed away. All our thoughts and love are with his family and friends. We are absolutely gutted. Dermo, Woll and Cliff XXX.”

Northside were signed to Anthony Wilson’s music label Factory Records, and toured the world. In 1990 the band released their first single ‘Shall We Take A Trip / Moody Places’ FAC-268, both track’s going on to become firm fan favourites and ‘Madchester’ classics.  

Northside (Tim Walsh far left)

northside pic

In 1991 the band’s debut album was released on CD and vinyl, ‘Chicken Rhythms’, (FACT 310) and is still a much loved album which helped define the ‘Baggy’ era with song’s like ‘Take Five’, ‘Shall We Take A Trip’ & ‘Tour De World’ produced by Ian Broudie. The CD version contained one of the band’s fan favourites ‘My Rising Star’. 


As the band were busily recording what would have been their second album, whilst continuing to play gigs, the label, Factory Records folded and the second album was shelved. Tim Walsh continued bringing his magical touch to the group’s music until 1994, when he left the band. The popular debut album by Northside was reissued by LTM in 2005 in an expanded version containing tracks only previously available as B Sides plus two live tracks truly showcasing the mastery of Tim Walsh’s guitar work, and the brilliance of the entire band.


The band announced a reunion tour and played up and down the country to crowds of avid loyal fans. 



Timmy Walsh also joined cult Manchester band ‘Gabrielles Wish’ for a brief stint before leaving the group because of other commitments. He did return to recording again by playing guitar on many of Robert Paul Corless’ solo albums released by Eromeda between 2014 up until very recently. Robert Corless and Timmy Walsh formed the group The Evil Poor and played shows across the UK with that group as well as releasing the single ‘Beautiful Girl’ showcasing Timmy’s jangling guitar tones and rocking out on the single’s B Side ‘To The Light’ released via Eromeda Records.

The Evil Poor (Timmy far left)


Tim Walsh Jr #3

Outside of music everyone who met Timmy Walsh will speak of his graceful, kind and fun nature, he was a gentleman and and amazing musician and he will be sorely missed by everybody whose live’s he touched.

Tim Walsh Jr #1


Northside Facebook –

The Evil Poor Facebook –

Robert Paul Corless Facebook –

Written by Andrew James Barclay / Photographs by; trust a fox, Adam Booth &  Miki Csepely-Knorr MA



Manchester music legend ‘Dermo’ (who fronted Factory Records band ‘Northside’) as well as other groups over the years including the band he currently sings for ‘Time For Action’ released his debut solo album to a favourable reaction coming after his debut solo single ‘Vultures’ had reminded the music scene just what he was capable of.


Eromeda Records have been busy filming a promotional video for ‘Ups & Downs’, a scathing tune in which Dermo verbally lay’s waste to all those whom seek to bring you down with lies and deception. Parts of the video have been shot in Wales, with a few more scenes left to do here in Manchester.

When finished the video will first appear on which is the page dedicated to all of Dermo’s solo material. There are plans for Dermo to take his solo music out on a short tour with physical copies of his debut album for sale at shows, in the mean time catch Dermo gigging various Festivals and venues with ‘Time For Action’ this July.



R.I.P Robert Gretton 15.01.53 15.05.99

Eromeda Records has had a proud alliance with Manchester band Gabrielles Wish since 2007. The group were first signed by unsung Manchester music legend Rob Gretton who passed away on the 15th May 1999. So today we celebrate his anniversary and share with you the music that Rob Gretton released by one of the final bands he signed to Manchester Records, Gabrielles Wish.

Gabrielles Wish Debut EP (MANC 2 – 1996)
Gabrielles Wish EP by Gabrielles Wish

Gabrielles Wish ‘Golded Up EP’ (MANC 5 – 1996)
Golded Up EP by Gabrielles Wish

Gabrielles Wish ‘Processed’ (MANC 10 – Scheduled 1999)
Processed (Album) by Gabrielles Wish

Robert Gretton


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Joshua Ben Joseph album delay

For those waiting on the incomparable Joshua Ben Joseph’s new album it has been delayed for what we hope will only be a short time. It’s a technical issue and one we are working swiftly to fix so that we can bring you ‘Mary Midnight And Mary Monk’ which is perhaps the songwriters best album to date.


Eromeda Records and Butterfly Music Co. are extremely proud of Joshua’s incredible body of work. You can support Joshua by downloading instead of streaming his albums at iTunes at the present time (although his new album will be out on CD). Below is Joshua’s discography links;

Brain And Ten Fingers EP

The Slums Of Wonderland

North of the Northern Quarter

North of the Northern Quarter

Outcast Solitary

The Abuser’s Manual