Gabrielles Wish

Gabrielles Wish first unleashed their unique intense sound onto the unsuspecting public in 1995, playing an incendiary set of gigs across the UK.
One of those who witnessed those gigs was none other than the man responsible for finding and signing up Joy Division, Rob Gretton, record label boss and partner in The Hacienda.
He immediately offered the band a recording contract.


The band released two explosive EPs and put out a raw live album.
Sadly, in 1999, Rob Gretton, mentor, manager and friend to the band, passed away before his time.
That year, the band signed a one EP deal with current Bernard Sumners manager Andrew Robinson, the label called Pleasure Records, the EP called Manchester Suite, named after Peter Hook’s studio in which it was recorded. The EP was an all electronic affair, and caught good reviews from the national music press.
The band then started putting music out with Path media, the Cost One EP (2002), and the simply awe inspiring album, Portal, in 2003.


To follow, from 2005 to 2010 were two singles, two EPs, and three albums on the small label Small Adjustments, perhaps containing some of their best music ever.
In December 2010, the band released a long lost studio album recorded way back in 1997 called Processed which is available on CD and iTunes.

In 2011 the band released the single ‘The Son Of The Sun’ and the free Jam EP (see download’s section on the band’s website)
After some serious consideration both Karen Leatham and Bo Walsh left Gabrielles Wish.
The drumming duties were to be newly filled by Kevin Clark, a Manchester session drummer & producer. This saw the band return to being a four piece. Gabrielles Wish then wrote and recorded their 5th studio album ‘Hypnagogic’, from which two singles have already been released, ”Wandering The Streets” and the popular single ”Stand Together”. Both tracks display a huge variation in sound.

The bands management describes the new album ..

“It’s got elements of all four previous album’s, but there’s an urgency in this record, a sense of power almost that just isn’t as strong on the earlier LPs”

Eromeda Records will release Hypnagogic shortly, with a string of UK dates being arranged.

*NOTE – Drummer Kevin Clark has left Gabrielles Wish.

The drummer, who still plays with fellow Mancunian band Dub Sex left the band due to work commitments.

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