They Called Him Zone Releases

Exciting new signing’s ‘They Called Him Zone’ are set to have their back catalogue released worldwide across all the major online stores on the 27th of November. Included in the releases are two EP’s ‘Miami’ and ‘Crow Swan Wolf’, and two singles, ‘Death Drive’ and ‘I Like Noise’. The band are currently busy in the studio recording their debut album expected out early next year.



They Called Him Zone find new label home

Eromeda Records are thrilled to announce
our new signing ‘They Called Him Zone’
The band are a fusion group with New Wave,
Indie, Dance, and a large helping of originality.


Lead singer Mik Davis said;

‘We are extremely pleased to be signing
to the innovative and forward thinking
Eromeda Records – allowing us to further
pursue our art and creativity with
their support’

More news on releases coming soon.


Eromeda Records are delighted to bring you the debut solo single by Dermo, ‘Vultures’, out now in stores and as a digital download. Both the CD and the download features the B Side ‘The Tide Will Turn’, and ‘The Tide Will Turn (Arkestar Remix)’.

dermo single cover

Thank you to Trust A Fox Photography


To order your CD visit the labels online stores at;

The CD is also available from Vinyl Revival
and can be purchased in store or ordered from
the shops website;


If you prefer downloading/streaming the single
is available now from;

iTunes –

Amazon Music –

Deezer –

Spotify –

7Digital –

Onkyo Music –


Arkestar’s album & single

Arkestar will release his single, ‘S’wonderfool’¬†with Eromeda Records on the 14th of August. The single also features B Side ‘If I Believe In You (Would You Believe In Me).


Arkestar’s ‘idENTITY’ album will be out on 21st of August featuring the ‘S’wonderfool’ single and fifteen more eclectic tracks of genius.