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Robert Paul Corless, front-man of Gabrielle’s Wish,  prolific producer,  and solo artist who in just 3 years has written, recorded and released 25 albums including collaborations with talented poets and re-mixer extraordinaire Arkestar via Eromeda Records. His output with cult rock group Gabrielle’s Wish propelled him from rehearsing on a working men’s club in Clayton Manchester, to fronting a manic orchestra of excellence on stage in every prime music venue in Manchester and beyond along with Nick Harris (drummer), Darren Moran (Bass player) Paul Ryan (Guitar) and Robert providing the incendiary and authoritative sounding vocals. They were signed to Robs Records (Manchester Records sister label) first being discovered by producer Chris Nagle who recommended Rob Gretton, the manager of Joy Division, New Order and co-director of Factory Records and a founding partner of The Haçienda. to give the band a listen. He duly signed them. With a buzz beginning a few EP’s and album in the pipeline the band were well on their way to bigger audiences.

  • Sadly Gretton, a true pioneer passed away on May 1999 at the age of 46 as the result of a heart attack.Months before ‘Processed’ the bands debut album was
    to be released.
    Initially deeply saddened by the loss of a friend and mentor, the band realised they needed to move on. A decision was made to shelve ‘Processed’
    (a decision thankfully re-evaluated in early 2013)
  • The group had always held a deep affinity with electronic music, with bands like New Order, Section 25, and especially early Autechre (a significant dance act).
    Perhaps more than those 1980’s legends, the work of Brian Eno, as well as his collaberations with David Bowie influenced the band. They’d already released ‘Hood’ a strange dark brooding electronic track on their second album, so, when Andrew Robinson took eventually took  the job of managing Bernard Sumner, created Pleasure Records in the year 2000. Gabrielle’s Wish made a deal and although an albums worth of music was recorded, proving beyond doubt
    Gabrielle’s Wish were a dance act to be taken seriously. By then a new slew of bands had done the rounds with respected journalist and musician
  • (The Membranes)
    coining the term britpop, and Pleasure Records lack of experience led to the labels demise.The group carried on, releasing ‘Portal, and ‘Reformer’ on Path Records  and Small Adjustments (DIY labels before they were fashionable), but the genius and most underrated guitarist to have ever played in a Mancunian group, Paul Ryan
    left Gabrielle’s Wish.
  • Ex-Northside guitar player Timmy Walsh joined intermittently (as did his brother Bo Walsh on drums) but Timmy had to leave due to other demands, and then came Steven Bunn. As a guitarist he couldn’t have been more different than
    Paul Ryan if he tried, but a tried and tested veteran of the UK music scene, Steven Bunn fit in snugly.
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    The band have released six further albums / EPs as well as releasing the albums worth of dance music recorded back in 2000 for pleasure records, all via Eromeda Records. Although Gabrielle’s Wish continue to record (releasing the excellent EP ‘Debunking The Myth Of Being A Slave’ & the stripped down electronic single ‘Round The Twist (My Name Is Earth) in 2016, as well as being the subject of a long awaited documentary film ‘A Kind Of Existence – The Gabrielle’s Wish Story’ (to be released by Eye & Eye Productions, Roberts solo work has ever slowed down.

  • Veering from ambience to jarring noise music, Corless has defied categorisation. Although Roberts solo work isn’t made with the intention of isolating any possible audience to be gained, he never compromises his vision.
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